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Email Bot Bot: An automated Email Sending platform driven by Artificial intelligence to help
you make maximum out of Email Marketing.
Email Bot is among the most trusted Email Sending platform where we have integrated
automation with artificial intelligence to ensure that our users doesn’t lose out on any
opportunity while sending the emails. Email Bot Makes use of Dedicated IPS, Spam Filters,
Email Servers to make sure each email is delivered to users inbox. We make sure of AI to
make sure not even a single email goes to SPAM.
Why Email Bot?
Email Marketing is a highly volatile one. It undergoes changes every passing hour Rules and
Regulations are changed every single moment by Email Providers. With Email Bot, you get an
automated platform that uses artificial intelligence inorder to identify the SPAM Content and
filter it properly. Each Email is send using IP Rotation Techniques. We have 2300 Dedicated IPS
and Powerful Servers to make sure your message reaches to potential clients or customers.
Email Bot makes Email Marketing an easy venture for all its users. Developed on extensive
usage of AI, it is among the most efficient Email Sending platform available which executes
automated tracking, sending reports, delivery reports and click reports.
For all those, who values time, money and essence of both, Email Bot is the platform to be a
part of. With no knowledge of programming and codes required, it is as easy as it can be to
set up and get going. You don’t even need to possess extensive knowledge or any expertise of
programing, our AI systems and its regular analysis takes care of that part too for you.
Every Email Send in SPAM folder is an opportunity lost. Be a part of Email Bot NOW and start maximizing your profits like hundreds of others doing it already.
2) How it works?
Email Bot is super easy to setup and install. The support team from Email Bot helps you to set
it up and get going. It hardly takes 25-30 minutes for Email Bot platform to be set up on your
system and it is just a onetime set up to avail lifetime automated Email Sending.
After registering with Email Bot, you just need to Configure and select the servers and Limits
Auto mode: - When the platform is set up on auto mode, the bot is authorized to execute the
sending in automated mode. It analyzes the email content and filters it using Artificial
intelligence for 100% Delivery. Setting up the platform on automated mode ensures that user
never loses out on an opportunity that is there to make profit.
Schedule mode: - Email Bot platform is an ideal one for Drip Email Marketing. Drip Marketing
is one of the best marketing approaches and using email bot you can schedule the emails .
You can start a drip campaign in 10 minutes.
3) About Us
We are a team that consists of several Senior Developers who knows all nitty-gritty of
Email Rules and Email Server Configurations. We also have among us, avid experienced
exponents of latest technology and artificial intelligence who are actually the brains
behind to one of the best Email Sending platform. our experts ensures that all these
tools are well implemented within the platform to facilitate ease of use for all
functions. Our experts keeps a watchful eye across all Email Rules and modify the tool
on continuous basis. Our AI systems are well capable to handle the SPAMS and modify it
so each email is delivered to exact receiver.
4) Features
Email Bot comes with several value-added features that make it the most adoptable platform
for Marketers and company who send Millions of Emails
Easy to setup: - Email Bot doesn’t require any sort of technical acumen to avail the benefit
of its deployment. After getting registered with email Bot, users simply need to install and
run the download kit to get going within matter of minutes. In any case, the support team
from email Bot is always round the corner to facilitate smooth and seamless set up of the
Onetime set up, lifelong profits: - The system has to set up just once and a user is on its way
for lifelong profit making. There aren’t any hidden costs and it’s only one time nominal set up
fees a user has to pay to get the platform installed on his system. We make sure that a user
gets benefit of all updates that are made to the system in order to take optimum advantage
of latest technology and artificial intelligence.
Customizable Dashboards: - Email Bot offers highly customizable dashboards to all its users.
The users can set up the dashboard as per their personal preferences.They can either allow
the system to send emails on automated mode or Manual Mode.
Tracking Delivery:- With Email Bot you can track all emails and generate the reports. It
sends the bounce reports to check if all emails have been delivered. You can add API’s
from 24 different sending platforms if you wish. Reports are visible on dash board.
Dedicated IPS:- Inorder to make sure each email is delivered we use Dedicated IP’s and
Domain verification. The Dedicated IPS are configured in rotational form so every time
email is send there is a dedicated IP that takes care of it.
Artificial Intelligence:- Our systems are configured to filter the content inorder to make
sure each email template is SPAM free and is delivered to users inbox.



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